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At Dualistic, we advocate simplicity and prioritize workplace wellbeing. Our next-gen Digital Twin platform prioritizes easiness and human-centric design.

Coral Digital Twin platform

Coral is our digital twin creation and management platform. Its holistic design encompasses and connects all the enabling technologies, from IoT, to simulations, from AI, to data management, from HPC, to visualization.

Simplicity and Wellbeing-Centric Approach

Coral is founded on the principles of simplicity and workplace wellbeing. By prioritizing ease-of-use and human-centricity, Coral aims to revolutionize Digital Twin creation and management, ensuring that users can use the platform effortlessly.

Next-Generation Platform

Coral is here to be the next-generation platform for Digital Twin creation and management. Coral's design revolves around concepts such as ease-of-use and modularity to empower industrial organizations to tackle future challenges effectively

Integration of Technologies

Coral integrates IoT, simulations, AI, data management, HPC, and visualization. This holistic approach ensures the access to a digital replica with crucial aspects for effective decision-making and management.

Orchestrated by CoralCore

CoralCore is the orchestrator, seamlessly bringing together various components and technologies. This central component ensures that Coral operates efficiently and delivers an user experience based on block-based and no-code principles

Modularity and Extensibility

All components within Coral are designed to be modular and easily extensible. This design approach allows for flexibility in customization and adaptation to specific organizational needs

Widely Adopted Standards

Coral adheres to widely adopted standards, facilitating smooth integration with existing software environments. This adherence ensures compatibility and interoperability, making Coral a practical choice for industrial organizations

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