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The business world is in a constant state of evolution, and with the advent of new technologies, digital transformation has become an essential requirement for companies wishing to remain competitive and relevant in the global landscape. It is in this context that the SMACT Competence Center’s intensive program, “Digital Transformation Training,” was conceived.

The Digital Transformation Training

The winter edition of 2024 was an extraordinary experience for managers, entrepreneurs, and professionals eager to thoroughly understand new technologies and their impact on the business world. With six training modules, the program offers a comprehensive overview of emerging technologies and best business practices to address digital transformation.

During these two intense days, participants had the opportunity to explore various topics, guided by the expertise and experiences of academics, industry experts, technology providers, and entrepreneurs. Discussions had covered the Industrial Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data, Collaborative Robotics, Digital Twins, Blockchain, and Computer Vision.

But the added value of this event lies not only in the presentation of theoretical concepts. After each training day, there was a moment of discussion between speakers and participants, where it was possible to discuss and share practical experiences from their own companies. This exchange of knowledge and ideas had further enrich the learning experience, providing concrete insights to tackle the challenges of digital transformation.

Dualistic: Digital Twin and Predictive Maintenance

At Dualistic we challenge the conventional thinking and inspires thought-provoking discourse. We transcend traditional disciplinary boundaries, fostering a holistic understanding of the profound impact technology has on our collective existence. Through Dualistic’s compelling narratives, audiences are compelled to reconsider the very essence of what it means to be human in an increasingly digital world.

Our intervention aimed to focus on how predictive maintenance and virtual prototyping are two essential components and how they are revolutionizing the industrial landscape.

Predictive maintenance utilizes data analytics and machine learning algorithms to forecast equipment failures, enabling proactive maintenance to prevent costly downtimes. This approach not only minimizes operational disruptions but also optimizes asset performance and extends their lifespan.

virtual prototiping

Virtual prototyping focus on creatings digital replicas of products or systems, allowing for thorough testing and refinement in a virtual environment before physical production.This significantly reduces time-to-market, lowers development costs, and facilitates innovation by enabling rapid iteration and experimentation.

predictive maintenance

Both predictive maintenance and virtual prototyping play crucial roles in enhancing efficiency, reliability, and competitiveness across various industries, ensuring sustainable growth and adaptability in today’s dynamic market conditions.

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